Wealth with Health Opportunity

In November of 2006, Shakti attended a 2 week seminar and marketing conference in Melbourne. A month later, in December, our family took a week’s holiday at the Marriott Resort on the Gold Coast during which time we checked emails and phone messages daily – returning calls and placing orders by phone. 

During this time, Shakti had abdominal pains and was having scans and tests to determine the cause. It turned out to be a 10 cm tumour on the right ovary. Shakti started taking copious amounts of AIM BarleyLife along with other AIM products, meditating, exercising, coffee enemas, etc until her surgery on 24 January 2007. 

From mid November 06 to mid March 07, Shakti did very little work until her final check-up with the doctor where the medical documents showed that her tumour was benign and had shrunk by half during the 4 weeks from scan to surgery and she was given the all clear on 16 March 2007.

We had advertising in place and whilst Ramiah supported Shakti’s situation and our children with cooking, washing, shopping, driving, etc, as well as maintaining the property, he also answered phone calls, sent out information packs and placed orders.

The reason we are telling you this, is that only 4 years after starting our AIM Enterprise (only 2 years seriously working AIM), we were still able to bank a supportive income.  From November 06 to March 07 we were able to bank $31,111.95 from our AIM income alone (average $6222 per month). 

Whilst this was a difficult time for our family, it was a relief to know we had products on hand that supported our health and provided a regular income too, even whilst sleeping. In fact we have recently joined the AIM $500,000 club, i.e. we have earned over $500,000 in commission cheques since we joined and continue to regularly receive over $6,000 per month from our AIM enterprise. Some months have been around $10,000.

AIM is a privately owned, US based company that debt-free and does not have to answer to profit-driven shareholders. Instead it looks after its members and provides, products, knowledge, distribution and opportunity for those willing to take it. AIM has been around since 1982 and will be for another 30+ years, unlike many new start-ups these days. AIM has offices in Australia (Melbourne), NZ, US, South Africa, Canada and the UK/Europe.

Over the past couple of years, we have been able to let go of other work we did not enjoy and our lives feel more fulfilled working in an area we enjoy (helping people) whilst making a substantial income.

Shakti healed well, and just 5 months after her surgery we flew to the AIM USA Convention for 2 weeks in Orlando, Florida. Three weeks after our return, we flew to the AIM Australia Convention in Cairns with our children and a year later to Maroochydore. 

Since then we have travelled to the US to AIM’s Las Vegas convention in 2009 and in 2012 AIM’s 30 year Sail-a-bration Convention on the Crown Princess, sailing the Carribean on a 7 night cruise and we took advantage of this trip to include a visit to New York. Add to this Hamilton Island, Noosa, Canberra, Melbourne, Coolangatta and Coogee in Australia and you can see that AIM is an integral part of our family’s life providing wealth, health, information and travel that fuels our passion to help others.

Expo Business Opportunity vs Job Benefits

This is the Lifestyle and Income Security we would like to offer you…

If you are interested – please contact us here – we offer full support to people who show commitment and AIM has it’s own training academy for further learning.

As we did – often people start out working their AIM enterprise part time at first, then as the income increases, they let go of less interesting, less ethical and less supporting income streams. 

Imagine helping people, whilst creating a substantial, ethical income in your own time…