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“I felt a large lump moving under my rib cage.
Then I felt a huge release.
I looked into the bowl and immersed in white mucus was a 2 to 3 metre (9 ft) tapeworm.”

Constipation and My Tapeworm

“Working in country Victoria, single and 30, I had visited doctors, chiropractors and osteopaths seeking relief for abdominal and back pain, headaches, mood swings, lethargy, flatulence, belching, overweight, cravings, itchy anus and ears, haemorrhoids, lack of sleep, anxiety and chronic constipation that had plagued me for many years.

The visit to my sixth doctor left me with a referral to a psychiatrist. “Am I going mad?” I asked myself. The psychiatrist charged $150 an hour, and left me grossly despondent.

After ten years I moved to Queensland, married and gave birth to two children. My bowel problems intensified. Following the death of my mother from bowel and liver cancer, I had a colonoscopy. The specialist diagnosed irritable bowel, leaky gut and diverticulitis and told me to increase my intake of psyllium husk. It didn’t really help and I still felt bloated.

In 2003 a kinesiologist assessed parasites in my bowel and recommended AIM Herbal Fiberblend®, which I was to take for at least three months.

Within days I noticed about 100 white lumps in the toilet bowl after each motion, rather like I had eaten loads of blanched almonds. These were intestinal fluke.

I started to feel lighter, happier, and experienced less belching, gas and bloating. I also had noticeably more energy and vitality. Within a few weeks, I had lost three kilos, my appetite had decreased and I seemed to want to drink more water. The pain in my joints had gone completely, though my lower back still had pain. By this time, my husband and our children, who were five- and six-years-old at the time, had joined me in my daily servings of Herbal Fiberblend®.

That Tapeworm!

Then something happened that changed my health, wealth and quality of life. Upon my second visit to the loo for the day, I felt a large lump moving under my rib cage. Then I felt a huge release. I looked into the bowl and immersed in white mucus was a two-to-three-metre tapeworm.

Instantly I felt a completely different person and have never looked back. I still take Herbal Fiberblend® daily, because health practitioners recommend a minimum of 30–70 grams of fibre a day. I feel that Herbal Fiberblend® also strengthens the lining of my bowel. After many years of constipation, my bowel lining was very thin and weak, and besides, I did not want parasites to reinfest.

Now I am 12 kg lighter and my back and joint pain, headaches and my many other ailments have all gone.

Sometimes we have to hit the wall before we take responsibility for our own health, or we can learn from what has happened to others and take action.”

Shakti — Gold Coast, Qld Australia

Eczema Relief…

“As I watched my youngest child climb and play on the jungle gym at school, I looked at his body covered in eczema, where he had enthusiastically scratched himself raw for so long trying to relieve the continuous itching and discomfort. I wondered could I ever help him find relief, or even a cure?

Zane had tolerated eczema for all of his two short years on earth and continual itching and discomfort was all he knew. This lead to a lack of sleep, which made him very irritable and did not help with feeding him. He also had continual reflux which meant he found it difficult to keep food down. His stools were runny and he was underweight for his age and I was very concerned about his long-term health.

I had tried a number of doctors and what seemed like all the lotions ever made, but nothing helped — I was at my wits end. Then I was approached by Shakti, another mother at school, who said she had noticed Zane’s rashes and raw skin (which was bleeding). Shakti seemed genuinely interested and wanted to help as she asked a few questions; “Does he eliminate regularly? Does he have reflux? How long does he sleep? What is his behaviour like?”

Shakti mentioned how parasites can infest the bowel, slowing digestion drastically and creating a toxic mix that is then excreted into the body and is often eliminated through the skin, because there is no other way to get toxins out of the body (as the bowel is too sluggish).

Zane would cringe at having a bath because it was too uncomfortable for him, which also eliminated him from swimming and the surf. Living on the Gold Coast, it was so regrettable that we could not enjoy the city’s beautiful beaches.

The next day Shakti gave me some information and I soon purchased AIM Herbal Fiberblend® through her. AIM Herbal Fiberblend® is a mixture of natural fibres and herbs that assist the bowel to eliminate and make life very uncomfortable for parasites. Zane was not keen at first as I started him on just a quarter of a teaspoon twice a day, but I persevered and told him it would help stop the itching and help him sleep. As a result his bowel motions became firmer, more regular and he started to have more sleep.

I had heard that often when treating something like eczema internally, it can become a lot worse before it gets better as the herbs deal with the cause rather than the symptoms, so I was expecting the worst. However in Zane’s case AIM Herbal Fiberblend® worked within four weeks and I watched in amazement as the eczema, rashes and dry, blotchy skin started to disappear. By now he was sleeping all night and his behaviour improved immensely, along with his appetite and he started gaining weight.

When I finished the first container of AIM Herbal Fiberblend® and Zane’s skin had improved immensely, I thought he should have a rest from the product, but then the eczema reappeared. Apparently it takes quite a while for the herbs to do their work at eliminating parasites and their eggs entirely out of the body. So I bought another couple of containers and started giving half teaspoon servings of AIM Herbal Fiberblend® again and within weeks Zane’s skin started to clear again.

Late 2006, Shakti introduced me to AIM BarleyLife® too, which is the powdered juice of young, green barley plants. AIM BarleyLife® powder locks in all the potential nutrients a young barley plant needs to grow into a mature plant and allows our body to fully utilize them. With the excellent nutritional make-up of AIM BarleyLife®, the tissue damage caused by parasites can be repaired rapidly. AIM BarleyLife® has given Zane a boost of energy and I am comforted knowing he is receiving all the nutrients his body needs — every day.

Zane is now three years old and finally I have a happy little boy who sleeps well, enjoys life and is fun to be with (and I love him so much).”

Louise L — Gold Coast Qld, Australia

My Journey Towards Health and Birth

“At the age of 15 I had my first liver surgery to remove a hydatid cyst and a second surgery ten years later. I’ve had a slow colon from a young age, which became chronic after my surgeries. For many years I was only passing one to two bowel motions every two to three weeks. Other symptoms included difficulty concentrating and remembering with a lack of motivation. My hands would shake and I often felt itchy all over as though the itch was in my blood. I didn’t sleep well at night (often waking at 3am to a stabbing pain in my kidneys) and I had lack of libido. Overall my mood was affected and I felt irritable and internally angry.

To the outside world I looked happy and in control, however behind closed doors I was often emotional, tired and unhappy.

I had tried every conceivable option through orthodox and natural treatments to relieve my constipation. I tried every recommendation I was given, desperate for relief. As per my doctor’s advice, I followed a healthy eating plan and exercised regularly and included more fibre in my diet after a colonoscopy. Eventually I was told I was a hypochondriac.

I was introduced to AIM Herbal Fiberblend® (HFB) by a friend after a healing session. I said I would consider taking it, but wondered how HFB would be any different to everything else I had tried, so I put the details in a safe place! Three years on and our friend was staying with us for a short while. He then convinced me to try the HFB.

I quickly realised I suffered for those three years unnecessarily. After just a few days of taking HFB, AIM Composure® and the AIM Garden Trio (BarleyLife®, Just Carrots® and RediBeets®), I was a new person! It was hard to believe the results!

I was amazed when I started having bowel movements after the second day on the products. I was eliminating waste naturally two to three times each day by the end of the first week on the AIM products. My nerves had settled, I was sleeping through the night, I was able to focus and concentrate, I was calm and my mind chatter had settled. And the most amazing outcome was that for the first time in my life I was having continual natural urges to eliminate. No effort, No pain and NO waiting required. I regained hours of my life back. I felt clean and alive. The results are still today remarkable!

HFB worked like a broom sweeping away old debris, and I believe by taking the Composure® just before bed, my whole body was helped to relax, including the muscles around my colon assisting the peristalsis motion to loosen and move years of stored waste. I slept soundly for the first time in many years and my husband was grateful for the changes he saw. Garden Trio boosted my energy and I drank two to three litres of filtered water per day. This was all a big part in my initial clean out. I stayed on the products for three months continually and took them as recommended.

After a few weeks I started removing a darker, smelly, rope-like material, which I now believe was putrefied mucus lining (plaque) off my colon wall.

I took Herbal Release® about 4 weeks after I started on HFB; I believe this product helped shift toxins from my lymph system as I was able to feel the changes. I enjoy using AIM products and am feeling the results, now being in tune with my body.

Because of my previous health issues, I had resigned myself to never becoming pregnant, therefore was not on contraceptives. We weren’t trying to fall pregnant; however after eight weeks on the AIM products, we were surprised at the news that we were going to have a baby.

I had an easy pregnancy with no morning sickness. I loved taking Barley Life®, Garden Trio (wholefood nutrition) and also Composure® during my pregnancy. My body craved Barley Life® so I took it whenever I felt like it. During the last hours of giving birth, my midwife wanted me to eat. I clearly stated I only wanted Barley Life® – so my husband called a friend to go home to get the canister. You don’t argue with a birthing mother!

I took HFB on and off during pregnancy to help with the usual pregnancy constipation, then after giving birth, I went back onto HFB when I felt I needed it while nursing my son.

I believe cleaning out my bowel took the weight of my uterus which allowed normal blood flow to happen, enabling me to become pregnant.

We have been taking the AIM products for four years now. We still enjoy the Garden Trio on a daily basis and only take the HFB, Composure®, Herbal Release® and other AIM products as we feel we require them. We are grateful everyday for our healthy lifestyle and continued learning on natural health.”

Jen B. – Mackay Qld Australia

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