Leaky Gut

According to Dr Hugh Rodier (www.hugorodier.com), in 1984 the Journal of the American Medical Assn (JAMA) published a report that said any yeast infection in the body (for example vaginal, ears, sinuses) is a spill-over of the yeast (candida) infection (or imbalance) in the gut flora within the colon. Other causes are stress, medication and diet, but don’t necessarily lead to candida.

Some yeast is normal, but with the drinking of chlorinated water, excessive antibiotics (medical and dairy), eating too much sugar, preservatives, coffee, milk, processed food, and having a lack of B-complex vitamins, the flora in the bowel becomes imbalancedSugar and fat are excellent hosts for yeast to feed upon.

Medical journals also tell that the imbalanced bacteria in the colon can begin to produce antigens or proteins that are toxic (toxic bacteria) due to the above situations. These are so irritating to the colon that they cause the colon wall to be permeable (or cause the cells that make up the gut wall to become separated) and toxins leak through the space created in the colon wall into circulation throughout the body and bypass the filtering/enzyme producing processes of the liver.

Any metabolic depletion of gut flora, electrolytes, ATP, cytokines, or similar, can increase the permeability of the colon wall. AIM Peak Endurance®* provides an easily absorbable form of electrolytes, ATP or similar to replace such depletion; negating this issue.


The European magazine Gut released a report saying that they have isolated the very chemical that bacteria produce to separate the cells and allow the toxins to circulate into the body. They call these chemicals zeonulin. Leaky gut syndrome is at the heart of many diseases that cause spill over from the colon to the body and circulated back into the colon, where the liver then becomes loaded with toxins.

An alternative cause (as mentioned previously) is ballooning of the colon which stretches the colon wall making it much thinner, and coupled with increased internal pressure from constipated faeces in the colon, causes inflammation which can force toxins to leak through the colon wall into the body, again avoiding the filtering process of the liver.

Leaky gut (also can be falsely diagnosed as Crohn’s Disease) stresses the endocrine system (immune system) and is involved in many mental diseases, autism, arthritis, inflammation, heart disease, asthma and allergies. A major part of the body’s immune system is in the colon.

The first line of defence in the body is the good bacteria and AIM provide an excellent product called AIM FloraFood® that is of significant quality that it has a shelf life of up to 3 years and does not degenerate at high temperatures, which make it ideal for travel. The second is the liver where whatever is passed ‘legally’ from the colon onto the rest of the body travels via the blood to the liver for processing and is then distributed around the body.

When the liver is bypassed and overwhelmed by toxins from the colon, it can become somewhat confused as it begins to try to attack these toxins — but it does this imperfectly and produces its own immune complexes, which are worse than the original toxifying substances and they start to attack the rest of the body producing autoimmune diseases with the thyroid, the adrenals, inflammation of the heart, arthritis, and the like.

When the heart, liver or brain falters, it’s often because there was a problem in the colon years before. The colon is the foundation of our well-being.

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