First Time Customer to QK Bowel Health?

Important Information for First Time Buyers

To allow Herbal Fiberblend (HFB) to work properly, you will need a minimum of 3 months use of this product. Remember, it has probably taken you decades to slowly alter your body’s functions to now require this natural treatment and support, so please give it at least 3 months to begin to detox and cleanse your bowel/colon.

We suggest buying 3 containers of Herbal Fiberblend, BarleyLife or LeafGreens in your first order to receive the wholesale prices displayed.

By doing so, you will save you around $10.00 in freight as your first order has FREE SHIPPING. 

Generally AIM’s products are packaged, so each container lasts one month for one person using the recommended dosage. If there are 2 people who wish to utilise AIM products, you may want to save even more and purchase a 6 Pack which offers a further discount of around $1 – $2 per container.

If you don’t want to purchase 3 or more containers as suggested, you’re first order must be a minimum of $85.00 in order to receive wholesale prices for life. 

By doing so you will  ‘join AIM‘, but there are no ongoing obligations (we don’t continually bother you either) and you will save around 30% on retail prices promoted online.

This offer is only available to customers who have never ordered AIM products previously – your information will be run through our database before orders are placed and if your details appear, the system will automatically charge the current shipping fee (we can’t work around this – sorry).


AIM New Zealand Products

If you are an Australian resident and would like to order AIM Products that are not available in Australia (eg from New Zealand) you can purchase such products for your personal use. However to comply with Australian Laws, you need to first purchase products available in Australia (minimum $85 first order).

Then you can visit AIM’s New Zealand office and place an order for additional items.

Alternatively you can contact us here and we will assist you in placing your order.

Prices are in NZ$ (which is generally about 90% in AU$ [ie NZ$ X 0.90 = AU$]). Freight will be adjusted in our office after your order is placed. Freight from NZ is only around NZ$20 and delivery takes around one week. AIM products on this website marked with ‘ * ‘ are not available in Australia, but can be easily purchased from NZ.

New Zealand residents (who wish to ship to a NZ address) can place your intitial order by phoning our Auckland office on 0800 480 333 and mentioning our Sponsor ID# 9916901.

You can only purchase AIM product by referral.